Under Fire - Fanzine #15

Under Fire - Fanzine #15

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"UNDER FIRE" Fanzine is back!!! (and now finally completely english written!)

The new issue contains some very killer specials:
"Metal Hunting - The Most expensive records in metal" ( great index!); "Killer but cheap records"; "The Collectors corner" and more... and comes with interviews feat.:

01. Hobb's Angel of Death
02. Kalapács 
03. Vampyr 
04. ROOT 
05. Outrage
06. Streetchild 
07. S.D.I. 
08. Agentz
09. Starquake
10. Toxik
11. Strana Officina
12. Cirith Ungol
13. Salem's Wytch
14. Babylon...

48 pages of PURE METAL!!!
One of the best Metal Fanzines, written by a true dedicated and possessed Metal Maniac!

***Special Import from Mexico***

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