5x Storm Warning - Insanity 7" *Whole-sale*

5x Storm Warning - Insanity 7" *Whole-sale*

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5x Copies (Whole-sale)

DR017 Storm Warning - Insanity

Traditional Heavy Metal from southern germany!
NO overproduced modern shit sound...No Retro-Trend shit here!!!

Comes on classic black wax, lim. on 500 copies with big center-hole! 

Influenced by classic Heavy Metal Masters & the NWoBHM such as "Diamond Head/Gotham City/Axe Witch..." etc, Storm Warning are living the Heavy Metal Spirit and deliever the goods of pure traditional (!) Heavy Metal!

01. Insanity (new song)
02. Born to Rock Hard (Gotham City Cover)

Mixed and Mastered by "Christoph Brandes", who did a fantastic job in studio!


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