5x Transilvania/Kafirun - 7" Split EP *Whole-sale*

5x Transilvania/Kafirun - 7" Split EP *Whole-sale*

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5x Copies of the "Transilvania/Kafirun"-Split EPs!

Ancient Blackened Metal Spirit!

An exclusive Split-Release of austrias Blackened Thrash Metal Horde "Transilvania" & the canadian Black Metal Beasts "Kafirun" to unleash the ancient forces of darkness and evil! (WITHOUT using damn Keyboards!!!)

Traditional Black Vinyl!
Limited on 500 hand-numbered copies, only! Incl. Insert-sheet!
Artwork by: Karmazid

Side A: TRANSILVANIA - From An Unknown Place

Transilvania delievers a brand new hymn of pure blackened Thrash Metal with cold melodies (in the vein of Godkiller, Dissection, Triumphant and early ABSU) and a dark, medieval atmosphere of forgotten ancient times!
Next to their brothers "Triumphant" & "Kringa", one of the most outstanding Metal Acts from Austria!

Side B: KAFIRUN - Salvation Through Sin

Every soul shall taste death!
One of the very few real and pure Black Metal Bands from Canada (...and the rest of the world)!
In the sea of all these fukked up self-titled "Black Metal Underground"-Hipsters, Kafirun are definitely one of those who deserve to be named as the one, who stands above all this scum and follows the traditional path of the glorification of death! Unleash the Chaos!!!

*This Split-EP is highly recommended for any fan of real dark and evil metal, cold and atmospheric as it used to be in the very early 90s!! (This is no trendy "ritual,/occult"-shit!! Only pure Ancient Metal Spirit, eternally!)*


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