Grave Wave - Fanzine #2

Grave Wave - Fanzine #2

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Ride the Grave Wave or Fukk off!! Only print-zine is real!!!!

The mighty "Grave Wave" just unleashed their second issue, now with 72 pages!! Contains a killer 15-page special about "War Metal - METAL IN WARZONES", an exclusive interview with "Jörg Buttgereit", "Chaos Ritval Festival"-Report  and a shitload of great and interesting interviews with:

Evil Army, Deathcult, Tankfist, Shitfucker, Blakk Old Blood, Deathstorm, Alien Possession, Thundertank, Quintessenz, Infidel, Cobra Death, Deathswitch and many many more!!!

"Be aware, touching it will convert you dumb wimp to a sadistic metal recruit, shaped by Lucifer himself!"

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