Black Metal Warfare - V.A. Sampler 7" EP

Black Metal Warfare - V.A. Sampler 7" EP

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A killer 7" Underground Black Metal Sampler released by "Into Dungeons Recs." feat Intempestus (Ger), Antares (Ger), Necrohell(!!!!! Greece) & Vent (Ger)!! 

No hipster/trendy pussy shit, ...tell your whimp-friends to listen to some real metal!

Comes with a noble, classic layout and insert-sheet, pure late 80s/early 90s atmosphere!

Lim. on 500 copies, only! -"This release is dedicated to the classic 7"samplers of Sombre Records"-

Total support for real Underground 7"-Samplers! Don't waste your money on overpriced expensive 7"-releases by nowdays false labels, who only use the "cult"-status of vinyl to suck your money! Keep the black fire of the underground burning high, proud and trendless!!!

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