Draconis Infernum - The Ashes of... Tape

Draconis Infernum - The Ashes of... Tape

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South-East Asian Pride!!!

10 years of Blasphemy and Blood!! Great compilation-Tape incl. 1 new track!

Tracks 1-3 are taken from Death in My Veins (Full-Length, 2008)
Tracks 4-6 are taken from Rites of Desecration & Demise (Full-Length, 2011)
Tracks 7-9 are taken from The Sacrilegious Eradication (Full-Length, 2014)
Track 10 was recorded, mixed and mastered at Inversion Studios in May-June 2015!!!!

+ Archgoat-Cover! (Special bonus track on Tape!)

Killer Black Metal from Singahell, unleashed under the sign of "Eerie Hint Prod."!
Comes with noble golden-ink on the covers and Logo-sticker, killer release!

Hail or die in eternal fire!!! Fukk your trendy-pussy Nuclear Blast plastic shit and destroy the music of today!


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