Destruction - S.O.D. Tribute Poster

Destruction - S.O.D. Tribute Poster

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Tribute Poster to the Masters of ultimate Speed & Thrash!!! This Poster is, like all the others we sell here, a true fan-made poster (WITHOUT any commercial intentions - we're NOT earning any money on this, as we only charge the production-costs for printing!)

High quality A2 sized (59,4 x 42cm) Poster, printed on 135g/m² paper, Traditional Oldschool style, only! No modern-trend shit styles here, Fukk Off!!!! 

Crush and Destroy all the Ebay Re-Seller Cunts, who rip-off all the real fans with horribly ridiculous prices for old Metal Posters!! 

"The End is near, Lucifers Legions of Death are ready for attack! They've got only one aim... TOTAL DESTRUCTION!"

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