Deadhead - Fanzine #6

Deadhead - Fanzine #6

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The sixth Issue of the conservative Metal Mag "DEADHEAD" from Malaysia!!!
Heavy as Fukk Issue, this ain't a mag anymore - it's a damn book!!!

Completely written in english, contains 27 interviews with:

-Poison (Ger)
-Bode Preto
-Trench Hell
-Evoked Doom
-Morbid Funeral
-Merciless Death
-Paragon Records
-Black Grave/Mati Katak
-Alan Moses
-Morbid Angel
-Maze Torment
-Mike Zanchelli
-Ungoldy Death
-Morbid Magazine
-Grave Desecrator
-Metal Mania Fanzine
-Incubus/Spectral Birth

High quality printed Fanzine, made with power and pain for the only thing that's real!! Don't spend your money on shitty Mainstream-Mags - HERE you'll get the maximum overdose of real Metal Mania!!!

Underground Mags & Fanzines are the only trustworthy and truely made-by-passion (and well-done researched) sources for real Metal! Don't follow the trend of gossip-Internet fukks! The things and stories people tell/write in printed mags are always made 100% honest and deliberate, as you can't change anything afterwards! And most important fact: it's written by truely dedicated people, who do not need a fukkin "journalists-education" - they just write and ask, what they feel and think is interesting - in a simple way, the way we talk! Forged by true sons of Mayhem - Made for the chosen ones, only!!

***Malaysia Import***

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