Night's Blood - Further Down the Catacombs Tape-Set

Night's Blood - Further Down the Catacombs Tape-Set

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Blackened Thrash Metal!!!

Night's Blood just released their newest EP "Further down into the Catacombs", delievering 7 tracks of unholy metal mayhem - strongly influenced by Dissection, this band shall not be seen as a Dissection-copy!! ...Next to Hellknights such as Triumphant, Manic Disease, Deströyer666 etc, Night's Blood is one of the few bands, that combines great black thrash tracks with melodic parts to create powerful dark metal hymns, the traditional way! (Melodic = Dissection, NOT NIGHTWISH GAY SHIT!!!!!!) This EP is by far a great step forward in comparison to their first Demo-Tape! Straighter and way more fierce!! Killer EP!

Comes incl. 3.2cm Button & Poster! Limited on 200 copies, only!


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