Oldschool Metal Maniac - Magazine #2

Oldschool Metal Maniac - Magazine #2

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The fukkin best and ONE AND ONLY REAL Metal Magazine is back!!! 666% Pure Metal Mayhem, you cunt!!!

Hailing from Poland, this killer Magazine delievers only pure Oldschool & Underground Metal!
(NO COMMERCIAL FUKK HERE!!! Just check the cover - you know what to expect!)
All Interviews within this mag are very interesting written and give a lot of background info about all the bands and their circumstances... Also the layout (fukkin unique) on each page was made with pure blood and passion!

Contains great interviews and specials of:
-Bunker 66
-VENOM (Polish Assault - Special Report and Interview)
-Baphomet's Blood
-Aura Noir
-IRON MAIDEN (Live Report)
-Kriegsmaschine and more...
-Special: CD-Classics (old and older music reviews)
-Tons of Reviews
-80 Pages of Raging Metal!!!!!

Beware you fukkin Mainstream-Shit Mag-Readers & "Deaf Forever"-Fans - Forget all your shit!! OLDSCHOOL METAL MANIAC IS THE LAW!!!!! OBEY!!!!

***Poland Import***

High quality printed Fanzine, made with power and pain for the only thing that's real!! Don't spend your money on shitty Mainstream-Mags - HERE you'll get the maximum overdose of real Metal Mania!!!

Underground Mags & Fanzines are the only trustworthy and truely made-by-passion (and well-done researched) sources for real Metal! Don't follow the trend of gossip-Internet fukks! The things and stories people tell/write in printed mags are always made 100% honest and deliberate, as you can't change anything afterwards! And most important fact: it's written by truely dedicated people, who do not need a fukkin "journalists-education" - they just write and ask, what they feel and think is interesting - in a simple way, the way we talk! Forged by true sons of Mayhem - Made for the chosen ones, only!!

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