Antichrist - Sinful Birth CD

Antichrist - Sinful Birth CD

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ANTICHRIST strikes again!!!

"Sinful Birth" marks the second album of swedens most wanted Oldschool Thrash Horde "Antichrist"! (We are talking about REAL Thrash Metal here and not any "Anthrax-like party shit"!!!Fukk Off!)

Although the album-cover and new logo are a bid boring on first sight, you shouldn't underestimate the brilliance of this killer record!! The tracks are pure raging, insane and fierce Thrash Metal the traditional oldschool way!! More brutal and evil than on the previous album (also the sound is damn perfect on this record!), the great melodies and riffs Antichrist deliever here are also one of the great remarkable points I have to mention here! (No simple "shredding shredding" tactics!)

Official CD-Version from "I Hate Recs."!

***Direct Sweden Import***


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Versandgewicht: 100 g
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