Mortem - Deinos Necromantis LP (Gatefold)

Mortem - Deinos Necromantis LP (Gatefold)

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The newest Album (finally) of the true MORTEM!! 

Peruvian Death Metal Cult!! Delievering 8 brand new tracks of pure unholy Death Metal, the south american way!
Official LP-Release via IRON PEGASUS Recs. in nice gatefold-cover with silver ink

The true MORTEM is the answer for all your pussy Metal Bands out there, who whimped out and betrayed all their followers through the years... Age is not an excuse for becoming shit!!! The true fire of Metal is burning within those only, who keep the ancient spirit alive within their blood!!... and so is the true MORTEM!!!

Total support!!! Buy or die in fire!!!!! 


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