EVIL - Rites of Evil Tape + Patch

EVIL - Rites of Evil Tape + Patch

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Evil Thrashing Metal from the land of the rising sun! Being unique, especially within the flood of crappy "party thrash pussies" of today, is mandatory as well as the attitude and spirit of ancient metal forces! (EVIL got both!!!)
EVIL is by far one of the best thrash bands, that keeps the old flame of the underground burning high and proud since 2011! Support or Fukk Off!!!!

"Rites of Evil" marks their powerful debut-album (2017) and I absolutely recommend this to ANY oldschool metalhead!!! EVIL is the law! 12 Tracks of Evil Thrashing Madness!

Official Pro-done Tape Edition by "InCoffin Prod."!
Limited on 100 copies, only! + woven shaped Logo-Patch!!! (higher price due to high import-costs... but absolutely worth it!)


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