Vociferous - God of Perversity CD

Vociferous - God of Perversity CD

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Blackened Death Metal from the old days!

The Blackened Death Metal of Vociferous  shouldn't be confused with nowdays genre-definition! Literally, Vociferous created a blackened, darker style of oldschool death metal, more basic therefor more intense in its musical expression by unleashing dark forces from the early days, when only the truely chosen ones continued - as all others whimped out! (90s!! Fukk off "Grunge" and all you trendy-fukks!)

Unleash the ancient darkness!!!

The "God of Perversity"-Demo (1992) has been re-released on pro-CD via Dark Recollections Prod. (MX) and contains the 4 tracks of the demo + "The Feast of the Ancient Witches" and 2 more Live-Tracks!

***Mexico Import***


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