R'lyeh - In the Infernal Moment LP

R'lyeh - In the Infernal Moment LP

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"In the Infernal Moment" marks besides of being the first Full-Length of R'lyeh, a mystical Metal Record far beyond your average knowledge of "classic Metal" by creating and using the essence of traditional and ancient metal forces, only! Ancient Death Metal! Atmospheric and dark, fierce and incomprehensible for weak minds! Playing a R'lyeh Record is more like an invocation -  than simple listening-session! ...as these tracks go straight into your blood, awakening old instincts and forces of forgotten times!

Pressed on clear (super heavy!) vinyl, limited on 500 copies, for the chosen ones, only!
(Incl. an Insert-Sheet with lyrics etc. Dark Recollections Prod.,MX!)

***Mexico Import***


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