Evilfeast - Elegies of the Stellar Wind Tape

Evilfeast - Elegies of the Stellar Wind Tape

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The genre "Atmospheric Black Metal" shouldn't be taken too easily at this case!
Evilfeast (GrimSpirit) knows very well about his musical talent and how to use it to create and unleash ancient forces from a forgotten age! For those, who are not familiar with the mighty hymns of EvilFeast, it shall be said that this is definitely one of the very few bands, that kept the cold and mystical spirit of the glorious(!!!) 90s alive to this day, still! "Elegies of the Stellar Wind" marks the absolute zenith of all, what EvilFeast stands for: True Ancient Atmospheric Black Metal - WITHOUT ending in a gay pussy keyboard fairytale!!!
(Yes... to all the other new bands: Watch and Learn from the Master himself!... and Fukk off!)

"Elegies of the Stellar Wind" contains 6 new tracks (also a pers. favorite track from the Promo-tape: "A Cenotaph Below the Cursed Moon"!!!!!) which are all in all unique with many unexpected moments and literally creating a great atmosphere of ancient power! ...and marks once again, what traditional Atmospheric Black Metal is about!!
Hail Eternal GrimSpirit!

Official Pro-done Tape Version with noble silver-printed Covers!
Limited on 200 copies, only! Under the sign of: EISENWALD TONSCHMIEDE!



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