Tough Riffs - Fanzine #5

Tough Riffs - Fanzine #5

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The newest Issue of the french Underground Death Metal Fanzine "TOUGH RIFFS" is out now!

Issue #5 contains Interviews with:

-Blood Incantation
-Internal Bleeding
-Dead Infection
-Pungent Stench
-Agoraphobic Nosebleed
-Caroiac Arrest

...and a special "News from beyond"-Section, introducing new bands and Fanzines, that keep the underground resistance against modern-times strong and alive! Fukk Off Modern Society!!!

Support true Printed-Fanzine Madness! Written honestly by dedicated Die-Hard Maniacs... and NO "INTERNET WARRIORS"!!! Don't pretend... Live the ancient spirit and bring back the glorious times and fukk your smartphone-webzine crap!!!

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