OLDSCHOOL METAL MANIAC - Zine #6 (Special Promo-Price!!!)

OLDSCHOOL METAL MANIAC - Zine #6 (Special Promo-Price!!!)

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IT'S BACK! BIGGER AND BETTER than your mom could ever be!!!! Talking about no other than the true OLDSCHOOL METAL MANIAC ZINE!!!!

After a long time of becoming a polish-written mag only, the mighty OLDSCHOOL METAL MANIAC has returned with the 6th Issue as a limited (100 copies) ENGLISH-WRITTEN EDITION!!! (Therefor the price is kinda expensive BUT I decided to offer this Mag cheaper than the normal price of 15,00€ for one reason: We hail and support OSMM and my aim is to spread the metallic words and keep the old flame burning as this Mag deserves ALL the support you can give! Another great point: You will hardly find ANY annoying Adverts of Labels/distros in there (unlike another "soooo called underground "Metal Mag" from Germany where almost every page is filled with any adverts...) the pages were saved for tons of interviews, reports, reviews etc! Therefor the price is higher but reasonable and not to fill anyones pockets!!! (NONE of these guys is earning any money for himself on this mag! THIS is dedication and Attitude!) ...so I send a big FUKK OFF to your other stupid trendy major-shit Mags (YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE!)... Oldschool Metal Maniac is the law!!! Support or FUKK OFF!!!


Issue #6 contains 180 pages is more of a book than a Mag anymore... here you get the lethal overdose of Metal for every single fukkin cent you pay!!

Containing Interviews with:
-Gospel of the Horns
-Open Fire
-Aura Noir
-At War
-Blood Feast
-Cryptic Slaughter
-Grave Desecrator
-A 10-page Interview with Wagner Antichrist (Sarcófago), Sarcófago A3 Poster and tons of reviews, reports and more...

Also contains a SPECIAL with: Dark Angel, Dream Death, Voivod, Imperator, Entrench, King Diamond and Manilla Road!!!

THIS!... is what a true Metal Magazine looks like!!!
Hail & Support true print-zines and fukk your modern shit!

Do you see any trendy-shit here? Neither do I...! can your gay-ass trendy Mag keep up with this? I DON'T THINK SO!!!

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