Deathcult - Beasts of Faith Tape

Deathcult - Beasts of Faith Tape

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Hail Death!!!

Destruktion Recs. proudly presents:


Official Pro-done Tape Version with golden printed Covers, incl. DEATH-cover "Zombie Ritual"!
Limited on 150 hand-numbered copies! (50 Die hard, 100 Regular)


There are tons of new Death Metal Bands out there today, most of them in the vein of traditional swedish or US Floria-Death which gets quite boring after a while ... but here we got something, that's truely one of a kind! Traditional Death Metal that doesn't give you the boring impression of "heard before on 1000000 LPs from the 90s"... Deathcult creates a cold and chaos-influenced atmosphere without being a "chaotic sounding band"! The entire album hits you straight with an iron fist of pure ancient power, THIS is what true Underground Death Metal sounds like! Straight, powerful, mean and 100% anti-trend!!! This Album contains 8 tracks of true Death Metal ( incl. a killer DEATH "Zombie Ritual"-Cover) created by possessed souls, who gave their blood to keep the ancient spirit burning!!!

A true Death Metal Killer!!!



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