Oldschool Metal Maniac - Magazine #3

Oldschool Metal Maniac - Magazine #3

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The true Oldschool Metal Maniac Zine!!!

This Re-Print was specially made for us, so you won't get it anywhere else...grab the chance and buy this killer Mag before it's gone again!!! (Therefor the price is a bid more expensive - remember: this reprint is limited on 20 exclusive Copies, which I order and paid with bloody money just for our distro!!!!)

Official Re-Print of Issue #3, containing interviews with:

- Accept
- Sarcófago
- Imperator (exclusive Interview!)
- Dark Angel
- Blasphemy
- Exciter
- Exumer
- Slaughter
- Impaled Nazarene
- Deceased
- Grave Desecrator
- Deströyer 666
- Tyrant
- Quo Vadis
- Lastwar
- Markiz De Sade
- F.K.U.
- Heathendom
- Mortal Slaughter
- Excidium
- Armour (Fin)
- Sarke
... and tons of reviews!!!

Witness the absolute Power of Metal Madness! Hail the true Oldschool Metal Maniac!!!!

Support REAL Underground Metal Mags/Fanzines and Fukk Off "media controlled"-/Business-pig Editor shit Papers with their hypocrite bullshit, this goes out to all major Magazines and especially one "new" Magazine from Germany... Eat my fukk!

Metal for Maniacs, Pure!!! 696

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