Ewig Frost - No Dice LP

Ewig Frost - No Dice LP

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Metal Punk to the Bone!

Incredible, Ewig Fröst just put out a new Album in the vein of classic Underground Metal Punk, without any new inventions or gimmicks and some may say, it all sounds the same again and again then... but that's fukking WRONG!
"NO DICE" kicks your head off right from the first till last note, no time to rest and taking no prisoners!!!! This record is pure action and power while listening, boiling up your blood to the max!!!

...and besides of the insane killer tracks (13 in total!) the LP-Version was pressed on 500 white LPs + A2 Poster + Insert + Sticker!!! HERE you get the maximum Metalpunk Overdose!!!

Released by our brothers in crime "RED WINE RITES" in co-operation with several other labels!
(Definitely one of the best Releases I've seen the last few years)

***Austria Import***


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