Venefixion - Armorican Deathrites MLP + Poster (B-side printed!)

Venefixion - Armorican Deathrites MLP + Poster (B-side printed!)

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The new EP of the french Death Metal Beast "Venefixion"!!!
Sinister Death Metal to the bone, feat. members of Demonic Oath/Necrowretch/Hexen Holocaust/Nuclear Abomination/Perversifier/Ritual Temple/Deströyer 666... also highly recommended for all fans of those!!!

4 Tracks of morbid Death Hymns, pressed on black waxxx! Limited on 500 copies, only!
Incl. Insert-Sheet, Silkscreen printed B-Side + A3 Poster printed on heavy paper!!

Artwork by: Karmazid!


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