URN - The Burning LP (Special Packaging)

URN - The Burning LP (Special Packaging)

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The brand new "comeback"-album of finlands raging Black-Thrash Beast "URN"!!!!

It's been 9 years since Soul Destroyers... and the wait was worth it! URN didn't loose any of their savage forces and brutality, still hailing the traditional satanic Metal!!! 10 new tracks of bestial Metal in the vein of URN, no changes, no experiments!!! (Otherwise I would have never taken that record into my distro anyway!!!)

Hail the old fire, burning on forever!!!!

Official LP-Version with special Cover (do you remember the old "Possessed - Beyond the Gates" LP Covers which opens in the middle? That's the same here!!!)

Limited on 500 copies, only! Pressed on black waxxx!!!! (300 Black LPs/200 Transparent)

*The Price is higher as usual, due to the special packaging/cover which increased the wholesale price for us as well and caused the high price here...)*


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