Hellbringer - Awakend From The Abyss Tape

Hellbringer - Awakend From The Abyss Tape

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One of australias most strongest Thrash Metal Hordes strike once again... time has passed, a killer MLP/LP and EP have been released and the Hellbringer still screams for more!

Awakened from the Abyss is by far the most aggressive and intense Hellbringer Record ever written!! A very heavy oldschool Slayer influence can't be denied and is an insane weapon within the hands of Hellbringer!

Buy it now and get your heads smashed by this fukkin masterpiece, truely this is THE Slayer record, that Slayer wanted to record, but never were and never will be able to!

Highly recommended, buy or die you fukkin' kunt!

Official Tape-Release by Rush of Power Recs.

***Expensive Norway Import***


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