Berith Fanzine - #5 (incl. CD, Poster and Patch)

Berith Fanzine - #5 (incl. CD, Poster and Patch)

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Berith Zine! Killer Underground Fanzine from Mexico!!
(Interviews were done in english or spanish, depending on the bands)

Limited on 30 copies, only! Incl. "SIGH" (Jap.) A3 Poster, embroided Logo Patch + CD-Sampler
(containing a track of all interviewed bands)

Interviews with:
- UNGOD (Ger)
- Arges (Mex)
- Ulgoroth (Ger)
- Osiris (Egypt)
- Freitodt (Ger)
- Sibimortem (Mex)
- Andartar (Hungary)
- Birkenwald (Ita)
- Primeval Mass (Greece)
- Rebelion Satanica (Col.)

Nice layout, interesting interviews and somehow everything on this Fanzine is perfect, the way it's done, the paper... this Fanzine brings back great memories from the glory days of a way more active underground resistance years ago! Support real printed Fanzines and keep the old flame burning eternally!!!!

***Mexico Import***

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