Hellfire - Live in Shanghai DVD + Fanzine (Book!!!)

Hellfire - Live in Shanghai DVD + Fanzine (Book!!!)

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This 10 years anniversary DVD of the chinese Underground Thrash Metal Defenders "HELLFIRE" is truely one of a kind!

13 Tracks, Recorded Live at the "10th Anniversary Show" in Shanghai, China! 666% Pure Live-Hellfire!!!!
Besides of the Killer-DVD, which comes along with a nice OBI(!), this excellent Release contains a really big, fat Fanzine (actually it's more like a book!!!!) with tons of photos and liner-notes (written in chinese)!!!!

Limited on 66 copies, only!!!

A Killer DVD you shall not miss!!! Unleashed under the sign of our brothers "TERROR EXECUTION PROD."!!!

***China Import***

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