Transilvania - The Night of Nights LP

Transilvania - The Night of Nights LP

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Ancient Black Metal from Austria, lyrically going back to the old cult of vampirism and old creatures from forgotten times! For an unknown reason, austrias Underground scene has never received the respect and support they deserve... Triumphant, Manic Disease and Transilvania are definitely the few of the strongest newcomers of the last years from the old metal abyss...

The Night of Nights is Transilvanias debut-album and definitely their best release, climbing up the stairs one by one with each release, this album is close to perfection as it creates a cold and medieval atmosphere without any use of gay symphonic crap... Oldschool BLACK METAL the traditional way, with a strong thrash metal edge and great melodies, which made this band a unique beast! (musically similar to old Grand Belial's Key!...just without that NS-crap!)

Pressed on black vinyl by Into Dungeons Recs., limited on 350 copies incl. Insert-sheet!!!

Back to the medieval darkness!!!


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