Der Pestbote - Magazine #2 + CD & Poster

Der Pestbote - Magazine #2 + CD & Poster

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Underground Black Metal Magazine, now back with a second Issue!
(Written in english and german!)*

Containing interviews and specials with:

- Permafrost
- Albez Duz
- Graveland
- Illum Adora
- Bleak
- Korgonthurus
- Bergrizen
- Wacht
- Gratzug
- Bleak
- Grift
- Pestheim
- Temple of Oblivion
- Varulv
- Oscult
- Kzohh
- Norrut
- and more + "Black Metal in Finland"-Special,  "Eternal Hate Fest 2017", Tons of Reviews and Live-Reports!!!

Incl. 2x A2 Posters (The White Forest/Drudensang) + Free CD-Sampler!

*Majority written in german, interviews with international bands such as Graveland, Kzohh, Grift, etc are written in english. (propably done, to represent the original interview and to avoid misunderstandings by translations)

Support True Underground Metal Mags & Fanzines!!!

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