Repulsive Regurgitation - Zine #4 (Book!)

Repulsive Regurgitation - Zine #4 (Book!)

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A fukkin "Almanac" (english written - 240 pages, you fukk!!!) for serious and honest Grindcore!!! (No "Obscene Extreme" Fagg-shit!!)
The layout and 'Zine itself are fukkin professional (switching between trad. Cut'n'Paste and professional "Newspaper-Editor" style; long and interesting interviews and nice pics of the artworks of the introduced Artists... and the zine itself, the way it's been produced... professional, oldschool and pure underground all at the same time! This Magazine (Book) contains more than meets the eye at first sight!!!

THIS ISSUE CONTAINS (taking a deep breath...):

01. Interview with Akinob Ohtaki & Kiyonob Ohtaki from Noise A Go Go’s , GORE BEYOND NECROPSY , Repulturid Mangel, Morbid Organs Mutilation, and Harshit recs..
02. An exclusive The Making Of Napalm Death’s Scum Side B Session with Bill Steer from Disattack, Carcass, Napalm Death, Necrosis Records, Phoenix Militia Zine, Firebird, Gentlemans Pistols and Angel Witch.
03. The Making of Napalm Death’s Mentally Murdered artwork with Skinny.
04. Interview with Cremator from Ghoul (Official).
05. Interview with Daniel Shaw from Sawblade art, War Master, Blaspherian and The Filthhöundz.
06. Interview with Makoto Fujishima from Funeral Moth , Weird Truth Productions , Deathchurch, Nyarlathotep, De-Nihil and Congenital Hell.
07. Interview with Zaki Ali from Majnvn Conspiracy clothing, Dogma Artistic Guerrilla label, Your.Slave.State distro, A Dream? Zine, Diriku Untuk Di Jual Zine, Ember Zine, Opprobrium Adornment, Banzai 606, Past Few Days, Nuisance Drilled , Neurotic Euphoria, Injustice System Acceptance, Penghapus, Relationsheep, Resurrect, Khesom and Sharon Stoned.
08. Interview with Mark Riddick from Riddick Art, Fetid Zombie, Macabra, Grave Wax, Hexentanz, The Soil Bleeds Black and 15 Delights Of Dionysus.
09. Interview with Daniel Tucceri from Melbourne Drone Orchestra, Plasmodium and Limnal.
10. Interview with Den from W@rsore, Super Fun Happy Slide, Egrogsid, Vaginal Carnage, Soberphobe and Stand Against.
11. Interview with Husni Osman, a professional painter artist and Berguling Menuju Hari Esok writer.
12. Interview with Tommy from Korruption.
13. Interview with Chloe Mannix known as Señorita Satanica El Goméz from Woemeow and Muriò En El Caos.
14. Interview with Muhammad Aizat Salahuddin known as Kuning Pening.
15. Interview with Mike Cooper from Old One, Jack-In-Irons and Terakon 3.
16. Interview with Aizat Tarmizi from Noisemongers Records, keladak and Sampah Karat Zine.
17. Interview with BEELZEBEAT.
18. Interview with Metamayu from 目玉湯鯨(metamayukujira) and Mandrake.
19. Interview with Abdul Mutalib Ja’amat from Revulsion Records, East Rage Zine, No More Tears Zine and distro and Prasasti Hujung Langit Zine.
20. Interview with Lee McNamara from Hessian Wolf Children, Dementious Reich, Lucid Coma, Leprosy, Collapse, Funeral Dawn and Secret Wars.
21. Interview with Jordan Shears from Crudsmoker.
22. Gore Beyond Necropsy tribute.
23. Catasexual Urge Motivation tribute.

This is the newest Issue and was officially unleashed in 2017... you better grab it before it's gone! This was a heavy and expensive Immport! But totally worth it, we cut down the price a bid, as the Editor of this zine (Hail Epuk!) was so kind to send some copies for a fair trade!! Total Support for truely dedicated Fanzines - This is the REAL voice of the Underground!!

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