Manzer - Howling Wilderness 7"EP (coloured vinyl)

Manzer - Howling Wilderness 7"EP (coloured vinyl)

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The brand new EP of MANZER delievers as always, what the name stands for since it's birth:

Three new tracks of traditional Blackened Thrash Metal (with strong Heavy Metal-vibe as always) and a special MANOWAR "Gloves of Metal" cover in it's very own way of the true Manzer!!

Pressed on red/black marbled, transparent Vinyl, limited on 300 copies, only!

The price is higher than usual, due to the high wholesale-costs, which were caused by the expensive production (coloured, marbled vinyl... - fukk nowdays production-prices, this is incredible!)

Released by our brothers in crime: Armée de la Mort Recs!

***France Import***

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