Formel 1 - A2 Tribute Poster

Formel 1 - A2 Tribute Poster

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A2-Tribute Poster for the GDR-Heavy Metal Legend "FORMEL 1"!!!

With kind permission of Peter "Paule" Fincke (Thanks my friend!)

Heavy Paper & high quality print!

Keeping the price low & Fair, Crushing Ebay-Rip Off Cunts!

!!!Attention - The price we charge is to cover the production-costs, only! These posters were made to keep the oldschool spirit alive and kill all the "Ebay-Rip off cunts", who charge hundreds of euros for a once free promotion-poster!!!


One more thing: As this is a Fan-to-Fan-action, I hope I will never have to witness the respectless behavior again of several Bastards, who just buy this stuff to re-sell it for a 10-20 times higher price again! There's no advantage for you to do such a bullshit in any way as I will sooner or later find out who you are and get you blocked from my store! Therefor, the loyal ones, who never fukked us up through all the years will get the real special stuff, the chosen ones already know what I'm talking about... so...better think twice!

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