Magnesium - Live in China 2016 CD+DVD

Magnesium - Live in China 2016 CD+DVD

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MAGNESIUM live in China 2016, Official LIVE-CD + DVD with the full secret-show*!
(Recorded at 13 Club of Beijing on 2nd September 2016)

Comes as noble super-fat Digipack, incl. booklet and Obi!! A really killer Release by MetalBayonet Recs., China!
Limited Edition for true Defenders of the old flame, only!

*The story behind this live-recording/show is, there was tension between China and Japan back in that time, so it was prohibited for Magnesium to perfom the announced concert in China, as all got cancelled by the government. Due to the unbending iron will of some true Metal Maniacs in china, a secret show was arranged in a rehearsal-room, which got recorded in its entirety and put on this CD/DVD-Edition!! Witness the true Heavy Metal Spirit!!

***China Import***

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