Primal Cult- Perennial Fire Tape

Primal Cult- Perennial Fire Tape

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More melodic in its songwriting (talking about the ancient melodic BM - not meant in the sissy way like Dimmu Borgir etc !!!), Primal Cult brought up a very intense and atmospheric piece of Hellenic Black Metal straight from the abyss! Although released in 2018, this album brings back the old feeling from the glory 90s again, reminds on Rotting Christ and Necromantia, traditional Hellenic Black Metal the way it's meant to be forged!

Fukk off all the Hipster Black Metal Fagg-trend... this Tape was made for those, who kept their beliefs loyal to the ancient flames and kept them burning secretly but eternally through all the years!!

Official Tape-Version by Ancient Spirit Terror - which you shall not miss!!!!!!!!!!!! (Limited on 100 copies, only!)


(To the fag who declared the label "Ancient Spirit Terror" everywhere online as dead: Fukk you! AST is more active than ever and still delievers the REAL goods!!! See all the tapes, he made last year...!)

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