5x Bestial Desecration - Fanzine #1 (Wholesale)

5x Bestial Desecration - Fanzine #1 (Wholesale)

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The very first issue of our own Fanzine "BESTIAL DESECRATION"!
A Traditional Metal Fanzine - Trendless and absolute honest!!!

72 pages printed on glossy illustration-printing paper (the one we use for our posters!).
All interviews were done at live-chats, phone-calls and step-by-step email conversations, therefor there's no typical "question - answer - question" boredom shit!!! (All english written)

Contains interviews with:
- Formel 1 (GDR-Metal Legend) on 8 pages!!!
- Matterhorn (Switzerland)
- Erzebet (Colombia)
- Manzer (France)
- R'lyeh (Mexico)
- Beyondition (Germany)
- Hellfire (China)
- Eurynomos (Germany) Re-print of our two interview parts
- Evil Force (Paraguay)
- Rumble Militia (Germany) special interview with Staffi!!!
- Cryptic Slaughter (US)


- "A Blast from the Past l-lll" - Articles & Researches about rare and overseen Metal bands from the past!
(Crux, Alexander Nevski & Divlje Jagode)
- "Norwegian Black Metal Report" (Mare, Min Kniv, Kaosritual... etc)
- A fistful of well selected reviews!
- Rare Promo & Live-Band pics
- Mauricio "Bull Metal" Montoya

Limited to 250 copies! Pro-printed!

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