Burning Paradise - Fanzine #8 + CD

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Killer (A4 sized!!!) fanzine from mexico!!! (Spanish written!)

This crazy underground fanzine has just unleashed its 8th issue(!) and is full with detailed interviews feat.:

- Decayed
- Soulsinner
- Possessed
- Sargatanas
- For the Right Nothing
- Demondeath
- Gotholocaust
- Opposite Devition
- The Nameless One
- Inherior Of Eternity
- Obeisance
- Void
- Guerra Total
- Nigrum
- Internal Suffering
- Swarm of Serpents
- Conceived by Hate
- Anapsique
- Concreto Recs.

+ some selected reviews!
(And no shitty ads everywhere... just a few selected one, that doesn't annoy the eye!!)

Furthermore, this issue comes along with a free compilation CD with 18 tracks!!

Support true Fanzines and destroy the trendies and fashion-clownsluts!!!

***Mexico Import***

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