Blasfemia - Guerra Total LP

Blasfemia - Guerra Total LP

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This LP is a compilation of all the earlier material of colombias Ultra Metal Band "Blasfemia" (formed by ex-members of PARABELLUM!). The colombian Ultra Metal was the most extreme form of metal music in the early eighties and a huge influence for the evolution of the early skandinavian black metal sound and style!


Tracks 1-4 taken from "Guerra Total" 12" MLP (1988)
Tracks 5-7 taken from Demo tracks (1988)
Track 8 is an unreleased song
Track 9 taken from "Rodrigo D.: No Futuro" Compilation (1989)
Track 10 taken from "Hellzine Compilation 1" (1990)
Tracks 11-15 are live songs from 1988

Pressed on black vinyl, incl. poster!

This release (thanks to F.O.A.D. Recs) marks an important part of true metal history and I recommend this LP only to those, who are really interested in the history of south american metal music - as all others would never ever understand the brutality and true power behind these tracks and propably even consider it as pure "noise".


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