Matterhorn - Crass Cleansing LP + 2 Poster

Matterhorn - Crass Cleansing LP + 2 Poster

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A true bastard-son of early Celtic Frost and Voivod!!!
This is by far one of the very very very few unique bands from the actual underground of this decade!!! Besides of the may strange band-name and cover, this band fukkin' kills! Bringing back the essence of real Morbid Metal Mayhem in the vein of Celtic Frost and Voivod, straight into your guts without using tons of shitty effects... you can hear and understand the instruments and feel their entire power to the maximum! That's the shit I've been waiting for many years!!! Real Underground Metal forged by truely dedicated Maniacs from Switzerland!!

This is the official first-press of the LP-Version, released by the band itself!
Pressed on black waxx with printed innersleeve incl. 2 Posters!!!

I've received the LPs for a special price, therefore I can offer them way cheaper here,... so take your chance or FUKK OFF!!!

***Switzerland Import***


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