Deadhead Fanzine - #5

Deadhead Fanzine - #5

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Fukkin Deadhead Zine!!!! (Official Re-Print of the sold out 5th issue!!!) INCLUDING: BEHERIT POSTER!!!! (A3)
Now printed on 74 pages!

Don't waste your time on facebook crap and instagram bullshit!!!!!!!!! Read and support true fanzines, written by real maniacs!!!

Issue 5's gonna deliever you the true shite:

- Repulsion
- Beherit
- Rator
- Evil Angel
- D'zaj
- Shackles
- Nauseant
- Embalmed Souls
- Embrace of Thorns
- Chainsaw
and many more... also reviews!!!

Long Live the traditional Fanzine Underground!!! ...and fukk off to all major fake metal magazines, YE SUCK!!!

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