Explosicum - Living's Deal LP (Brown Marble Vinyl) + 2 Poster

Explosicum - Living's Deal LP (Brown Marble Vinyl) + 2 Poster

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Masters of chinese Thrash Metal!!! Together with Ancestor (check out their new album "Lords of Destiny", available soon from destruktion recs.!) and Rupture, Explosicum makes Violator and all the other "fake Retro-Thrash bands" look like the BeeGees!!! This is true Thrashing Madness in the vein of FASTKILL... just even faster!!! FASTER THAN SHOT!!!

This is the official LP-Version, released by Stress Hormones Recs.!
Limited on 150 copies, only! (Brown Marbeled vinyl + 2 posters!!!)

The price is a bit higher than usual due to the limitation and expensive import!

***China Import***

...and for those ignorant fukks who still think that there's no metal underground within china, better listen carefully to this link (and check the other bands mentioned above as well, fukkers!):


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