T.I.R. - Demo 1984 7"EP

T.I.R. - Demo 1984 7"EP

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Ever heard about T.I.R.??? To be honest, neither did I to that day when I finally got introduced to that band by a friend from italy, who's part of the "Metal Resistance HMC" from rome, italy! In union with Ace Recs., they've re-released this obscure Heavy Metal Gem of traditional italian steel from 1984!!! Two tracks can be found on that single, which delievers everything, you've been searching for: THE POWER AND THE GLORY of real oldschool Heavy Metal!!! Wonderful melodies, catchy riffs and a thundering bass in league with bizeps-breaking drum-beats!

Limited on 250 copies for real Heavy Metal Maniacs, only! Don't miss your chance to get that demo in solid sound quality on vinyl, before it's sold out...!!!


***Italy Import***


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