Metalegion - Magazine #3 + CD & 2 Poster

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The brand new issue of Metalegion Magazine from Portugal!!!
96 pages (completely written in english) feat. more well-known bands + some underground hordes as well! I recommend this mag to anyone who's interested in the more famous bands as well but got pissed off by all the major-magazines and their boring band-choices and lame interviews!

This issue contains (interesting theme-based) interviews with:
-Aura Noir
-Necros Christos
-The Stone
-Absymal Grief
-Voracious Scourge
-Christophe Szpjadel (The Lord of the Logos! Always great to read interviews with him!!!)
-Cannibal Corpse
-Macabre Decay
-Cardiac Arrest
-Black Altar
and some more... + special reports and articles from the underground and tons of other stuff!!!!!!!!

Also includes a CD-Sampler!!! ...and 2 A2-sized posters of NECROPHOBIC and (the nowadays pretty gay) Dimmu Borgir!

The price might seem a bit expensive, but remember that this zine is A4-sized and contains 92 pro-printed pages and got imported from portugal! Also besides of the interesting interviews, I wanted to distribute and support this magazine as printed-version as they mostly just release "digital versions", which I fukkin hate and despise! So I rather support these guys with their print-zine, in order to spread their good interviews to the people the right way and to keep the traditional format of printed zines alive!!!

***Expensive Portual Import***

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