Chaotic Bastard - Chaotic Rehearsal 3 Tape

Chaotic Bastard - Chaotic Rehearsal 3 Tape

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One of the most resistent and long-lasting underground thrash acts from the chilean pits have finally unleashed a new sign of life in form of this killer rehearsal-tape!!!

Four new tracks of raging Thrash Metal Chaos in excellent sound-quality (which doesn't sound like a rehearsal at all... more of a studio, wow!)!!!

Oldschool Underground Thrash Metal the true south american way - C.B. definitely found their very own sound and style and this shit really pumps blood into my frozen veins again... the typical nutz-going rhythms and mid-high vocals are fukkin outstanding arghh!!! KILLER!!!!!! THIS IS CHAOTIC BASTARD IN ITS PUREST FORM! NO EXPERIMENTS, NO CHANGES... just 200% Oldschool Thrash Metal!!!

Limited cassette-edition!



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