Black Candle Fanzine - #2

Black Candle Fanzine - #2

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A name all fanzine-maniacs should keep in mind! By far this one is one of the best I've ever read in my life due to it's really interesting and long deep-diving interviews (a well informed editor!) which don't move around the music, only... but also cover philosophical aspects of the musicians, same as other interesting topics! The entire layout was held in a noble black design with white scripts and some rare pics of the bands.

Contains interviews with:

- Krieg
- Occvlta
- Nahtrunar
- Vent
- Endalok
- Moenen of Xezbeth
- Malakhim
- Sovereign

Total respect and support this great fanzine from austria!!! Still a secret-tip within the underground scene and highly recommended for those, who still walk the ancient paths with the iron forces of a glorious past!!!

***Austria Import***


PS: Never forget, Fanzines were made by fans for fans - therefor you can be sure that each editor only interviews the bands, he's really into and as a result of it, these interviews will ALWAYS contain way more interesting stuff than any other major mags! Since I started with Bestial Desecration Fanzine, I had to make the experience that several PR-agencies tried (without success, you lame-ass cocksukkers!) to "buy their entrace" into my zine with their crappy bands... which explains how the big major mags are working and why they only do lame interviews with shitty bands who nobody cares about! Support the true underground and keep the old spirit alive!

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