The Past Is Alive Fanzine - #1 (English Version)

The Past Is Alive Fanzine - #1 (English Version)

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The french Black Metal Fanzine "The Past is Alive" has finally released its first english-version on 56 black/white pro-printed pages!!!

Contains interviews with:
-Pagan Hellfire
-Luciferian Rites
-Runespell/Blood Stronghold
-Nekrokrist SS
-Blood Red Fog
-Profane Congregation
-and a few more...

This Fanzine goes back to the classic essentials of a black metal zine, which doesn't mean that the layout is shit! T.P.I.A.-zine captures well the atmosphere of the glorious past and the long interviews (there are no reviews in here!)  are very well done and interesting; no lame "question/answer-games"!!!

***France Import***

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