Ancestor - Lords of Destiny CD + Poster & Stickers

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One of the best Thrash Metal-Hordes of these days hails from chinese-pits!!!
The true ANCESTOR finally released its first full-length and jost got even stronger! With "Lords of Destiny", Ancestor  found the right sound to underline the aggression and brutality of their very unique sound!

Straighter to the point and more aggressive than ever!!! Ancestor did, what most of the european bands were not able to for a loooong time: creating a true merciless Thrash Metal Hammer, without any compromise, without any experiments and without any shitty party-artwork covers!! This album brings back the old energy and fury of Oldschool Thrash Metal to the underground!!! Support or you're fag!!!! ...and Fukk Off Gama Bomb and Municipal Waste and all these faggot bands that soiled the name of true Thrash!!!

Official CD-Version by Alchemy Media! Incl. Poster + 2 Stickers!!!

***China Import***


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