Front Beast/Mournful Winter - Split EP

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The brand new Split-EP of the mighty Front Beast, in unholy union with another german black metal force "Mournful Winter"! This split is definitely something more special and stands above all other Front Beast-Splits so far, as this EP (after many years of existence) proved the devotion of Avenger to the old Metal Cult, same as his good taste for great new Black Metal bands!!! No trendy shit here... Front Beast created a strong mix of ancient melodies with traditional Black Metal, all recorded with a nice raw but not shitty sound! Sames counts as well for Mournful Winter!!! In comparison to Front Beast, M.W. follows a more atmospheric and melancholic path of expression... definitely a great collaboration and split, as both bands represent the different formulas of traditional Black Metal from the german underground without any experiments or changes through the years!!!

Black waxxx, limited to 300 copies, only!!! highly recommended for those, who have sworn eternal loyalty to the old Black Metal Flame and refuses to kneel to any trendy shit of these modern times!!!

Released by Deathstrike Recs!!!



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