Anialator - 1990 Unreleased EP + 1987 Demo Sessions (Double-LP)

Anialator - 1990 Unreleased EP + 1987 Demo Sessions (Double-LP)

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Oldschool Thrash Metal Attack!!!

Highly recommended for those, who are interested in the 80s (and early 90s) Thrash Metal scene... here's your chance to get to know one of the few bands, who did some killer stuff but never received the deserved attention! This Double-LP contains an unreleased EP from 1990 + a Demo-sessions from 1987 and yes, this is stuff is actually way more interesting than all the average "well known" bands, who titled themselves as "cult or legend" these days but just made 2nd class-thrash records...

I've received these LPs for a lower price, so I was able to set the price so low... which doesn't mean that the band or the songs are not worth its money!! Music for Maniacs -Not for "Collectors"!!!
A low price, to spread the music to those, who really want it - who truely understand and feel it!

Released on black double-waxxx by Weird Face Prod.!
Comes as Gatefold cover with many rare pics inside.

***Greece Import***


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