Tough Riffs Fanzine - #7

Tough Riffs Fanzine - #7

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The brand-new issue #7 has been released and as fast as this guy writes new issues, it's almost incredible to believe what a bunch of killer bands he gathered for the new issue again!!! (All written in english on 54 pages!)

This issue contains interviews with:

-Skeletal Remains
-Fetid Zombie
-Of Feather and Bone
-Coffin Creep
-special article "In Memoriam": Killjoy
...Reviews and as special bonus this issue contains a special comic on 4 pages by the crazy "Ultraxx" of Grave Wave Zine!!! (Those of you, who know Grave Wave Zine (SUPPORT!) know about his crazy style hehe!)

Another personal note from my side: Tough Riffs is doing exactly, what has to be done within this weakened decade of whimps and internet-posers: Staying loyal to his beliefs and keeping the old traditions of the Metal Underground alive! Therefore I recommend everyone to realize the real and magnificent value of fanzines such as Tough Riffs or all fanzines in general (this isn't meant as promotion for my own zine! It's a call in general!), as without them, all the good bands would be drowing and be overlooked in the sea of mediocre boredom, which so many new bands have created since the portals have been opened, even more due to technical possibilities for everyone... Tough Riffs keeps the honour clean and guides you through the putrid, rotten wastelands of the Death Metal Underground without wasting your time on nonsense "hyped/commercial"-trendies! Same as all other zines, which I proudly distribute in my distro!


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