Anthropomancy - Demo 1993 LP (brown marbled vinyl)

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An outstanding record of an unfortunately more unknown band from the glorious times (1993)!!!

Killer Death-Doom, which combines powerful melodies and heavy riffing into darkened chants of lament chants!

This release was the bands only output, but nevertheless a pretty strong one! Don't be fooled by the simple title "Demo 1993", the sound is very solid and actually almost album-like! Furthermore this demo represents everything, what's lacking on all new bands these days: individuality and a very own sound and feeling!!! The vocals and also the atmosphere and style of each song (in total 4) variies between traditional Doom Metal melodies (with strong Heavy Metal influences) and mid-tempo Death Metal... the UK style!

Re-mastered for vinyl which means: It doesn't sound like shit!
Limited on 300 copies, released by Rotting Mysery Recs.! Incl. Insert-sheet with lyrics and old fanzine-interview!!!

Brown/Black-marbled vinyl!



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