Dekapited - Sin Misericordia 12" MLP

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DESTRUKTION RECORDS proudly presents:

The brand new MLP of the chilean Thrash Metal Force "DEKAPITED"!!!

More aggressive, more raw and even more radical than ever before, Dekapited recorded their most powerful record with this MLP "Sin Misericordia"! Four new tracks of pure savage thrashing aggression the south american way!! This is the first release with the new line-up after the split with former vocalist "Ignacio" - vocals were done by Camilo (guitars) now and strengthened by Cristián Contreras (Evil Madness/Invincible Force) on lead guitars! True south american Thrash Metal in its purest and oldest form... expect no mercy!!! (Fukk Off "Party-Thrash"!!!)

Official Vinyl-Version, pressed on black waxxx, only!!!
Limited to 250 hand-numbered copies, incl. 4-page insert with all lyrics and mini-biography.

(The first 100 copies, incl. a free A2 Poster!!!)


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